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Drooling Brain | Knit Beanie | The Introverted Attorney

Drooling Brain | Knit Beanie | The Introverted Attorney

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Based on the Brain character from The Introverted Attorney's short animations, but also the brain that many of us are familiar with... The one that starts overanalyzing how awkward you were in an interaction from 5 years ago right when you're trying to fall sleep but then stops functioning when you need it to focus during the day.

Sound like your brain too? Don this knit beanie to give others a glimpse into your noggin as fair warning that your brain might be zoning out mid-conversation or grappling with random, intrusive thoughts.

Good for winter, spring or fall, make this knit beanie your chilly weather go-to cap! For every task that takes you outdoors stay comfortable, stylish, and warm! 

  • 100% Acrylic wool
  • Unisex style
  • One size fits all
  One size
Length, in 11.81
Width, in 7.48
Cuff length, in 3.15


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