It all started when I was a junior lawyer at a law firm. I drew an incredibly rough comic of how I felt every day, which resulted in a scraggly stick figure who, whether overwhelmed with work or idle without work, was profoundly stressed in any event:

I'm not sure what gave me the delusion of thinking that the internet needed to see this, but I started regularly posting #lawyerproblems comics that soon reached a broader audience of people.

It turns out that, lawyers or not, a lot of you out there also dread obligatory small talk at work, think that the meeting should have been an email... but hate emails at the same time, among many other office-related gripes. If I could aggregate the entirety of us into one company, we'd be a collective of corporate besties in the least enthusiastic workplace of all time.

Along the way, I tried to improve my artwork, finally making the leap from chicken scratch on discarded sheets of notebook paper to drawing on the computer:

From there, it wasn't long before it felt natural to transition this character with perpetual eye bags from a still image to an animation, brimming with corporate disillusionment.

After that, I started using stem cell technology to create a living army of these characters to infiltrate various corporate environments... Okay no, not yet. We're still in the animation phase for now. Who knows where this will go, but I'm glad to have you here!

You can find @theintrovertedattorney animations on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube. Once a month, I animate answers to follower questions on Instagram that you can see if you subscribe for $0.99, which will go toward my stem cell technology fund.