Best (Underrated) Superpowers to Have at Work

Sure, flying sounds cool and so does extraordinary strength, speed, etc.  However, the possession of such superpowers generally includes a burden to protect humankind and encompasses a lot of physical labor (e.g., lifting cars to rescue people, turning back time by speeding around the earth, etc.).

That's not what I'm after... I want less responsibilities, not more.

Now that we have our priorities straight, let's look at the best superpowers to have in the workplace when your pesky colleagues are after you.



1. Invisibility

You don't have to be a spy to appreciate this superpower -- when colleagues are chasing you down to get you to do more work, what can they do if they just can't find or see you?  Work can't be delegated if it's never assigned!



2. Mind Erasure

Even better, what if your colleagues simply couldn't remember what they wanted you to do in the first place?  Work can't be delegated if it never existed to begin with!


This is also immensely helpful if you're prone to saying embarrassing or inappropriate things in a professional environment where you're expected to suppress your individuality.


3. Telekinesis

Okay, I concede that this is a more commonly-requested superpower. However, given that those with telekinesis don't have to physically move to employ this supernatural ability, it still falls in line with my "less effort but big results" theme.

This is ideal in situations where there would be a lot of liability for forcibly removing someone from your proximity. Just do it with your mind instead! If your colleague is a rational person, he or she will first assume that climate change or some unexplainable force of nature is carrying him or her away.



4. Granting Self-Sufficiency to Your Colleagues

This is technically a transfer of power from you to your colleagues... that is, empowering them to do the work themselves.  The best part is that you don't have to wait for your next wild dream to have this power -- you can do it right now!


That's right! You're already a superhero and you could be saving your own time every day! Go on, go save yourself from your job.

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