10 of the Best Bar Exam Gifts for New Lawyers

As if law school wasn't long and torturous enough, those who make it past graduation still have one major hurdle to tackle before they can begin practicing law... the bar exam. Given how poor quality of life can be in the legal industry, the bar exam is the last test of someone's commitment to becoming an attorney. After all, if you're willing to endure two to three consecutive days of anxiety and mental anguish, then that's a promising sign that you'll be able to go through much more suffering as a lawyer!

Needless to say, it is an immense accomplishment to have both taken the bar exam without perishing and, of course, to have passed the bar exam without being consumed alive by one's apprehension in the weeks after the test when graders take their sweet, sweet time before releasing the results.

That's why the least you can do for that unfortunate soul in your life, who has decided to become a lawyer and potentially shaved off a few years of his or her life by taking the bar exam, is getting them an awesome bar exam gift!

Are you thinking about what bar exam gift to get for someone but not sure what bar exam gift would be the best? Here are some of the best bar exam gift ideas for someone who has just taken the bar exam or has just found out that they passed the bar exam:

  1. Bar Exam Cards
    passed the bar exam card now go drink at the bar lawyer new attorney gift
    Nothing says "So, you passed the bar... Congratulations!" quite like a card that literally says, "So, you passed the bar... Congratulations!" Or a "Truth Hurts"-inspired card with a bit of that Lizzo attitude. I mean, everyone will be congratulating your friends or loved ones for having survived the bar exam test and, fingers crossed, passing it, but you should stand out with a punchy card that demands that they go drink at the more preferable bar that serves alcohol!

  1. Lawyer Comic Book
    The bar exam test is just the first step to the swift but lengthy path to becoming a disillusioned and disgruntled attorney. Be merciful. Give recent bar exam takers or recent bar exam passers a heads up with this comic book that chronicles the daily experiences they'll have in colorful (literally and figuratively) and blunt detail, ranging from covertly sleeping at the office to being engulfed in flames of rage due to unnecessary email follow ups.

  1. Bar Exam Gift Box


    You might be thinking, "shouldn't my gift include enough things to offset the pain and suffering of a recent bar exam taker or passer?" Or maybe you didn't think that at all... I don't know, I can't read your thoughts. Well, either way, now that this thought may be circling through your mind since you're currently reading this paragraph — there's a remedy for this! You can get your friend or loved one a bar exam-themed gift box, filled with the aforementioned book and card as well as stickers and a relevant comic print! Gift boxes are the best at conveying your thoughtfulness and also ensuring that the recipient will like at least one of the many things included.

  1. Lawyer Flask

    Let's get real. The best part about being finished with the bar exam test (either after just having taking it or having passed and being reassured that you never need to take it again) is hitting up the other bar, you know, the one that provides alcoholic beverages. That's because it's critical for many to try to erase the trauma of having been through the bar exam as soon as possible by eliminating a few brain cells here and there. While you might buy your friends or loved ones a drink, that's only temporary. Why not get them a flask so they can comfortably carry around their choice of liquid poison in case any remnant memories of that wretched bar exam ever surface again?

  1. Personalized Paperweight

    Sure, after passing the bar, newly minted attorneys will eventually receive their attorneys' licenses in the mail. But, this will just be a flimsy sheet of paper. Their accomplishments should be immortalized through an engraving in a clear acrylic block, which has the dual purpose of being a dangerous projectile if thrown. Consider getting your friends or loved ones a customized keepsake that you can embellish with an inside joke, just to keep their egos in check. Like, "Congratulations on becoming an attorney, one-shot Mary! I still have that incriminating video of you btw, and may need your free legal services soon one day..."

  1. Snarky Mug
    Who doesn't like a snarky mug? Especially in a stuffy law firm or legal environment where one might be scrutinized for his or her lack of conformity, an unsuspecting mug is the perfect outlet. Furthermore, soon-to-be lawyers will be operating on very low sleep and need a vessel to carry the caffeinated beverages to keep them functioning throughout the day. Everything comes full circle when that vessel is a mug that states a sentiment that your lawyer friend or loved one is too exhausted to say.

  1. Funny Lawyer Comic Print


    Newly-minted lawyers will soon realize that their law firm offices or desks will be the destination of the vast majority of their time moving forward. Accordingly, it's important to make this prison place as personalized as possible to retain some semblance of humanity. Funny bar exam-related prints are the best way to send a friend or a loved one off to their new home with a little bit of humor — they'll need it!

  1. Lawyer Socks

    After becoming a lawyer and coming face-to-face with the long path to partnership and the countless billable hours, many may get "cold feet" about their career choices. If that isn't an option for your friends or loved ones after all the law school debt they accrued, get them some lawyer-themed socks to warm up those cold feet!


  1. Sleeping Bag

    Especially as a new lawyer figuring out the ropes, sleep is a rare and delicious treat that they will need to work hard to come by. That being the case, why not make it easier by getting them a sleeping bag that they can keep under their desk for when there's a 10-minute window for a power nap? They may not be able to go on that off-the-grid camping trip in the middle of a time-sensitive deal, but they can enjoy camping supplies nonetheless!


  1. Massager

    Most offices may have ergonomic chairs, but the human body is always able to contort itself into a chiropractor's nightmare when sitting in the same spot for hours at a time. Needless to say, new lawyers will surely need to realign their spines and knots in their shoulders out somehow after a few months of practicing law. While it can be difficult to schedule an appointment on a new lawyer's busy schedule, they can get a massage right at their desks (even while drafting up agreements!) with a portable massager.



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