3 Ways to Be More Appreciated at Work

Are you feeling undervalued at work?  Would you like some form of care and attention from your colleagues?

Excellent, because I have a few methods that are guaranteed to make your coworkers highly cognizant of your important existence:


1. Pretend That You're About to Leave

Nothing puts employee retention at the top of a priority list faster than a perceived flight risk.  Conduct a job search online and leave the internet browser window with the results on your external monitor at all times. This will serve as a kind reminder to your colleagues who drop by your office to give you more work that plenty of other employment options are at your fingertips.

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2. Show Appreciation by Example

Hey, maybe your coworkers just don't know how to communicate their appreciation for you.  Show them that it's not so hard by announcing at the next large office meeting that you would like to give a "shoutout" to recognize the outstanding efforts of your favorite and most respected person in the firm...

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3. Send Colleagues Vague "We Need to Talk" Emails, but Never Get Back to Them

Simply send an email to or ping a colleague with a vaguely-worded message that you urgently need to talk to them about something.  Then, disappear and do not respond to any of their follow-up questions.

Your colleague will be suspended in a cloud of confusion, wondering anxiously if something terrible has happened to you or if they are perhaps "in trouble" somehow.

Introverted Attorney vague email confuses colleagues


With all of these strategies combined, you may finally start getting the attention you've been seeking and be able to focus on the important things, like how to passive-aggressively let your colleagues know that they've spelled your name wrong.

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